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"Then we arrived to a sale booth that sold apple-garlic jelly. Oh, how it differed from the ordinary garlic jelly. It was sweet, gentle and tasty. All the members of the jury looked like they had hit paydirt."
- Pirkko Kolbe in Helsingin Sanomat 29th Aug 1993, about the Kerava Garlic Festival


"The victorious food product caused a sensation. No one had ever before tasted anything as delicious as the apple-garlic jelly."
- Kymen Sanomat, 1st Sep 1993, about the Kerava Garlic Festival

"But the garlic jelly was an excellent find. Shall I try to describe this taste to you? While you taste this jelly, you have the opportunity to move from the ordinary time and place to a state where the treachery, quarrels and misery of the ordinary world are far, far away..."
- Kynsilaukkaaja, 2nd - 3rd Jul 1993, about Garlic Night of Oulu

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