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Garlic products

Garlic jelly

- With grilled meat, chicken or smoked fish, or as a side dish
- On toast and sandwiches, with biscuits and cheeses, or with pancakes and ice cream
- As a seasoning for plain whole sour milk or yoghurt, or with ice cream and pan cakes
- At Christmas: Try serving syrup ginger bread with blue cheese and garlic jelly, accompanied with mulled wine

Honey garlic

- By itself a healthy dose of garlic, and tasty when used in cooking
- On toast or as pizza topping
- Serve with pickled cucumber for an excellent appetizer or a snack
- Add to vegetable dishes. The honey can be used to douse roast or fish or it can be used to spice up chicken dishes or wok vegetables
- No additives

Marinaded garlic: red wine, rose pepper, green pepper, curry, tomato, lemon, berry wine and chili marinades

- On sandwiches, as an accompaniment, in salads
- As a cocktail snack
- In cooking, e.g. in casseroles or in sauces
- Add tomato marinade to warm sandwiches or pizza
- No additives


Mayonnaises: garlic and chili mayonnaise

- Use as a sauce for fish or with sausages, grilled meat, roast, French fries
- Spice up meatballs, hamburgers, hot dogs, meat pies and bread rolls
- Replace butter on sandwiches with mayonnaise
- Use as a dressing or a dip. The mayo can be lightened with water or orange juice for a healthier diet
- Instead of sour cream in puree soups
- In tortillas


Salad dressings: Strong garlic dressing, mild dressing, cognac dressing

- The dressings suit all salads. You can also replace the butter on sandwiches with them
- Many customers tell that they replace the savoury butter used on steaks with Öljypuu’s dressing
- Strong garlic dressing is the most popular. Of all the products it includes the most garlic, but still tastes sweet
- Mild dressing includes less garlic and is a solid basic dressing for any kitchen
- Cognac dressing has a fine flavour, since it includes real cognac in addition to garlic


Garlic Salad:

- Marinaded grated garlic with vinegraitte
- On sandwiches, in hamburgers, bread rolls, meat pies and warm sandwiches
- Use with grilled meat or sausages, with baked potatoes or as a side dish

Olive-Potato Salad

- A snack on its own, or a part of a meal
- An excellent accompaniment to sausages or grilled meat

Olives and olive oil


- Use as appetizers or snacks, in salads and pizzas
- In stews, casserols, soups
- Marinaded green olives include stones. They are not as salty as the usual export olives, since Öljypuu’s marinade decreases salinity.
- Marinaded black olives include stones.
- Hot green olives are stoneless, but it is important to remember that olives prepared with machines may still include bits of stones, even if they are mentioned to be stoneless.
- When you open the olive bag, decant the contents into a glass jar.
- Leftover spices from a bag of hot green olives (onion, garlic, pepper and jalapeno) can be used in pizzas or salads, or you can add them to a Bolognese sauce to spice it up.
- Use the spiced marinade for meat or fish. – It is also claimed to be an excellent medicine for hangover.

Lemon flavored Olive Oil

- With fish, seafood or chicken courses
- Add a few drops to salads, grated carrot or tarragon carrots
- When baking, replace lemon peel with this oil, e.g. in curd cheese pie, lemon cake and cookie dough
- Use as a body lotion for face, hands and legs. Works as massage oil as well
- Caution! Use like any spiced oil: only a few drops at a time! When frying fish, the fish should be spiced beforehand with lemon oil, or you could mix a small amount of lemon oil to normal oil on the frying pan. Lemon flavored Olive Oil is prepared from natural lemon oil and high quality Greek cold-pressed olive oil.

Berry and chili jellies

Cognac flavored Rowanberry Jelly

- Serve with deer, reindeer, wildfowl, turkey or hare
- On toast or biscuits, with desserts, e.g. ice cream or sorbets
- With rawpickled salmon or whitefish

Lingonberry Jelly flavored with Cranberry Liqueur

- Suits all meat and bird dishes, as well as cabbage and pasta.
- With biscuits, on toast, with ice cream
- Excellent with smoked cheese

Lingonberry Jelly flavored with Cranberry Liqueur

- Suits all meat and bird dishes, as well as cabbage and pasta.
- With biscuits, on toast, with ice cream
- Excellent with smoked cheese

Chili Jelly

- On toast and with biscuits
- With grilled chicken and meat
- Does not include animal based coagulation agents

Nuts in honey

Walnuts in Honey and Hazelnuts in Honey

- With ice cream, with oven apples and vanilla sauce
- For a quick power boost, take a couple of spoonfuls of these – The honey gives you instant extra energy and the nuts’ protein makes the effect last longer.
- For a touch of Gourmet: Excellent with camembert cheese

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