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Öljypuu was founded by master chef Ilkka Tihveräinen in Heinävesi in 1989. He started the business by importing olive oil, olives and Greek culinary specialties to Finland. In the summer of 1991 the company started making salad dressings, honey garlic and marinaded garlic.

In 1992 Öljypuu moved from Heinävesi to Lappeenranta. In the spring of 1993 the product range was widened to include salads, jellies and mayonnaise. In July of that year Öljypuu participated for the first time in the Garlic Night -festival in Oulu, where Ilkka Tihveräinen was awarded the Knighthood of the Golden Lamb for the best garlic products.

Today the delicacies of Öljypuu are widely known in all of Finland. Their excellent taste and quality have been awarded abroad, as well. The company employs three full-timers and one or two people seasonally. In addition to garlic, Ilkka Tihveräinen is developing new tasty delicacies from native Finnish mushrooms and berries.

Öljypuu Oy - Moreenikatu 11 B - 53810 Lappeenranta - (05) 452 4500 -